Renaissance Evergreen

RENAISSANCE EVERGREEN: A new, innovative investment group
RENAISSANCE EVERGREEN is innovating in Private Equity: it is introducing payment of an annual shareholding dividend, a cost structure that is significantly lower than standard market levels, and an active commitment in terms of environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities.

Dedicated to financing SMEs
RENAISSANCE EVERGREEN is exclusively dedicated to the financing of mature and profitable Swiss SMEs (“buyouts”) looking for an external solution for their family succession.

Long-term investment
RENAISSANCE EVERGREEN sees itself as part of the sustainable development of the companies it invests in. Investments in companies are held over the long term, with no time-limit, thus promoting their shareholder and managerial stability.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities.
RENAISSANCE EVERGREEN pays particular attention not only to conventional financial criteria, but also to ESG parameters, by aiming for a real and lasting improvement in the ESG rating of its investments.

For questions about RENAISSANCE EVERGREEN, please contact :

Dr. Christian Waldvogel
Phone: +41 (0)58 201 17 80